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About Us

Outdoor Energy was established in 1994 and has since seen the business develop and expand its services, products and reach across South Africa. Although we remain small, our work ethic is both effective and industrious with an emphasis on personalised service and building long-lasting relationships.

Ever wondered why we use the Aniseed in our logo?

Aniseed is an herb that has been used as a documented medical natural remedy for 61 various ailments since the 14th century. Pythagoras and Hippocrates studied the herb and even the famous Julius Caesar took aniseed sweets on his campaigns for his soldiers. (So they were probably the first sweets, as we know them).

How does this relate back to us? Well, there is no direct link, but we liked how the herb was so useful and able to help so many people naturally. At Outdoor Energy we aspire to positive supportive energy within all our projects. We hope our clients will always feel as though they can rely on us

Company Ownership

The company is owned by the National Flag group of companies , one of the biggest textile printing companies in Africa, but operates as its own entity


Outdoor Energy is a BBEEE level 4 and is a proudly South African company.


Outdoor Energy offers products that are green and/or resusable. Ask your friendly consultant about greener alternatives and help us invest in a brighter future together.

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